About Crystal Park

Hotel Crystal Park promoted by one of the well known AZAD ASSOCIATES located in kishangarh city on the national highway 8. The crystal park also hosts 3D Cinema hall and hotel. The hotel caters to the leisure travelers, business houses, government organizations,stone dealers and educational bodies of Kishangarh (Asia’s largest market for marble stone),Ajmer, Pushkar, Makrana and Beawar

Hotel Crystal Park kishangarh, Ajmer is all about convenience, extra attention to detail and going an extra mile. We ensure a fine product combined with quality service in our class and are the only hotel serving the best of world cuisine under one roof in this region.

About Kishangarh

Nestled in foothills of Aravali ranges, lies the picturesque city of Kishangarh which needs no introduction. Located on Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway it is situated at around 106 km from Jaipur and 22 km from Ajmer, the city took its name from its founder Maharaja Kishan Singh who by his bravery, intelligence and sagacity conquered this area and got it recognised by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in 1611 A D.

The city inherits its religious, cultural, art and literate heritage since the very, day of its foundation. The 8th King of Kishangarh, Maharaja Sawant Singh, popularly known as Nagridas, was also a great poet and well known for some of his dazzling poems. Kishangarh is quite famous for its artistic Bani-Thani paintings which emerged as a distinctive style in the middle of 18th century under the patronage of Maharaja Sawant Singh. It was so stunning and unique that the Indian government engraved it on one of the postal stamps.

Before independence, Kishangarh was famed for power loom factories and it was acknowledged as the largest power loom market up until 1981. Apart from that, the city was also renowned for condiments specially coriander and cumin souk during the last century.

During late 80s and early 90s the marble trading started in Kishangarh and city's nickname became Marble city.

Geographical Location of the Hotel

- Pushkar(30Km)
- Jaipur(115Km)
- Jodhpur(210km),
- Udaipur(303km).
- Ajmer (13 km)
- Midway from Jodhpur to Delhi and Udaipur to Delhi.
- 20 mins from Dargah
- 20 mins from Mayo School
- 20 mins from Railway Station
- 20 mins from Bus Stand
- On the six lane highway in the city called kishangarh.

Tourist Attraction

Ajmer: Ajaymeru, as it is originally known, incurred its name from its founder, the Chauhan king Ajay Pal in 7th century. Ajaymeru stands for invincible mountains; Nestled in the foot-hills of the picturesque valley of the daunting Aravali ranges, the city has had an enviable stature of the capital of India in 12th century during the Chauhan rule. Till 19th century, it witnessed rise and fall of various dynasties, having direct bearing on the Indian Empire, like Chauhan, Pathan or Afghan, Khilji, Tughlaq, Suri, Mughal, Rathor, Maratha etc. and lastly the British, which manifested its modern shape. Through this entire period of historical turbulence, Ajmer has enjoyed a greater significance strategically and politically as a center of inescapable attention of all and carving the destiny of India period by period. It boasts of an exquisite treasure of architectural marvels, with a history associated with each one, right from its birth. Its mountain clad natural beauty, its gardens, its lakes and its monuments blend together with its glorious history of upheavals to accord a peculiar charm to Ajmer.

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Dargah Shareef- a Glimpse of Sufism and harmony

It is a popular saying about Ajmer, 'Irade roz bante hain,ban ke toot jate hain, wahi Ajmer aate hain jinhe khawaza bulate hain.' Ajmer, a historic city in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan, has elements of Sufism and boasts of communal harmony. Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty of Ajmer founded the Sufism in India and he was one of the greatest Sufi saints of the world. His spiritual power and blessings became an eternal source of inspiration and valour for generations to come.